Women's Executive Board, Officers, and Cabinet Members 

District Missionaries

Missionary Sarah Roberts

Missionary Jacqueline Millender

Missionary Claretha Bell

Missionary Helen Feggins

Missionary Susie Thomas

Missionary Gloria Hunter

Missionary Denise Johnson

Missionary Jennifer Dukes

Missionary Monica Parker

Missionary Juanita Clark


Prayer Warriors


Inspirational Team

Missionary Joyceland McCaster

Executive Board

Mother Dorothy Walden

Superintendent Wives

Administrative Assistants Wives

District Missionaries

Missionary Stephanie Gant

Missionary DeVonne Givens


Steering Committee

Missionary LaTosha Finch

Missionary Crystal Walden

Missionary Debra Wright

Missionary Diann O’Neal

Sister Taneka Vann

Missionary Annie Sales


Examination Board

District Missionary Helen Feggins

Pastors Wives

Mother Dorothy Walden  


Business and Professional Women

Missionary Jacqueline Ransom

Missionary Patricia Edwards


Sacred Heart Fund

Missionary Susanne Little


Elders and Ministers Wives Circle

Missionary Stephanie Gant


Advisory Board

Mother Dorothy Walden

Missionary Mary Walden



Sister Candic Edwards

Missionary Gwendolyn Sturgis

Missionary LaTosha Finch

Missionary Stephanie Gant 



Missionary Valerie Moment


Usher Board

Aspiring Missionary Lillie Lucas


Young Women Christian Council

Missionary Carolyn Moses


 Nurses Unit

Missionary Veronica Hickman


Christian Women Council

Missionary Betty Lewis


Special Projects Committee

Missionary Yvette Robinson


Missionary Circle

Missionary Iris Davis

Adjutant Sister 

Missionary Avis Holsey