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District Leadership 


Agape District 

Superintendent Johnny Roberts

District Missionary Sarah Roberts 


Augusta District 

Superintendent Mark Walden

District Missionary Jacqueline Millender


Golden Isles District of Brunswick

Interim Superintendent Dr. George Lewis

District Missionary Linda Bobbitt-Lewis


Dublin District 

Superintendent James Bell

District Missionary Claretha Bell


Middle Georgia 

Superintendent David A. Taylor 

District Missionary Helen Feggins


Millen District 

Superintendent Kenneth H. Thomas

Missionary Susie Thomas


Progressive District 

Superintendent Dwayne Tillman 

District Missionary Gloria Hunter


Soperton District 

Superintendent Johnnie B. Johnson 

District Missionary Denise Johnson 


South Atlanta District 

Superintendent Jim R. Mattox 

District Missionary Latosha Finch


South East Birmingham District

Superintendent Eduardo Parker 

District Missionary Monica Parker


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